What to do in the event of a spill

Despite all the precautions you take, accidents can happen. If there’s a spill or even if you suspect there’s one:

  1. Stop the flow of oil at its source if you can and contain any oil that has spilled. This will minimize the impact to the environment, to your neighbours and to your own property.
  2. Call your fuel oil service company and your insurance company right away. Reporting the spill is the law under Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act.

If you have a leak, call the Ontario-wide Spills Action Centre. 24 hours a day/7 days a week at 1-800-268-6060.

Four easy steps you can take to reduce the chance of an oil spill or leak. 


Get your heating system serviced annually by a licensed technician. This can be your single biggest protection against leaking fuel oil. and it’s the law.

Be sure to keep proof of these inspections for your insurance company.


Nothing lasts forever, especially fuel tanks. Please talk to your Mutual representative to determine the best time to replace your equipment.


Don’t buy a used or ‘refurbished’ tank. And be sure your new ULC* approved tank is installed by a licensed technician.


Make sure your fuel oil delivery company has easy access to the fill pipe and keep the vent clear.

Be on the lookout yourself for:

  • Visible signs of leaks

  • The smell of fuel oil

  • Uneven ground - never stack the tank on wood or blocks – it can easily tip over!

  • Rust, corrosion and staining are all early warning signs of trouble.

Have an outside tank?

  • Clear any weeds, ice and bugs near it, and keep the tank filled even in the off season to prevent condensation, which speeds up corrosion.
  • Shield it from falling ice or vehicle impact.

It’s more important than ever to take care of your home and your family’s health!


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