Enduring strength for generations

The oak tree: a symbol of enduring strength, security and perseverance. In celebration of our 125th anniversary,
Ayr Farmers Mutual has committed to donating 125 oak trees at public locations within the local communities we serve.

Why are we donating oak trees?

The oak leaf is a symbol used by Ayr Farmers Mutual for many years. We see the mighty oak as a symbol of our growth, stability and strength of the past 125 years.

The oak also symbolizes the communities in which we serve; humble, enduring and constant.

These 125 oak trees are an act of gratitude for helping Ayr Farmers Mutual become who we are today. You watched us grow, now we want to return the favour.

Where will the oak trees be planted?

Each oak tree will be donated to communities within a 100km radius of Ayr Farmers Mutual. The trees will be accompanied with a commemorative plaque to be displayed with the tree.

Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see where the trees are planted.

Have a suggestion for a tree location? Please fill out the form below.

Where you can find the oak trees...

Greenwood Park AyrRiverside Public SchoolPolkaDot Palace AyrRest Acres Ridge Park


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