Should I Insure my Golf Clubs and Golf Cart?

Posted on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Should I Insure my Golf Clubs and Golf Cart?


Tomorrow’s office golf tournament came a little sooner than expected. I just got back from trying out a new driver at the range that I had purchased to replace the one that came with my club set. Hopefully my boss will notice!

I wiped away the grass stains and polished the clubs. Kicked off a bit of the grit from my white shoes and packed them away in my bag. My gear looks clean enough to convince someone that I know what I’m doing. I laid my golf bag to rest in the trunk of my car in preparation for the morning.

I woke up extra early to swing a few clubs before the tournament – my wicked slice haunted my dreams. I got ready, dressed and hurried to leave. As I opened my front door, the sight of shattered glass and my car’s popped trunk greeted me. It appears someone had seen me put my clubs in my car last night, and lo and behold, they’re gone!

You’ve heard and/or read this story before if you’re an avid golfer. There can be quite a bit of value invested in your golf equipment. It isn’t until a loss when golfers consider how their insurance policy will react, or if they are properly covered.

In this blog post, we discuss how your Home, Tenant or Condo policy reacts to an insured loss for your golf clubs, along with other insurance considerations for your golf equipment.


Much like fishing gear, your Personal Property section of your Home, Tenant or Condo policy covers your golf clubs. Keep in mind that your Personal Property deductible applies to the loss and claims made against the Personal Property section can impact your Claims Free discount on renewal.

Consider this example:

Your clubs, bag and accessories are damaged in an insured loss. The total value was $1,200. You have a Personal Property deductible of $1,000. After providing receipts of replacement, the payment made to you, less your Personal Property deductible, would be $200. In this case, it may make sense to schedule your golf equipment on a Personal Articles Floater.

A Personal Articles Floater is an option if your golf equipment is of significant value and if your Personal Property deductible is high. You may choose a lower deductible on the Floater (as low as $50) which will apply exclusively to your golf equipment. Another advantage is that any claims made against the golf equipment on your Personal Articles Floater will not affect the Claims Free discount on your policy.



No worries! Your golf clubs and your Personal Property are covered worldwide while temporarily removed from your home. This means that you can have peace of mind while travelling on that ultimate golf trip with your pals.



Claims for your golf clubs and equipment are settled on your home, condo or tenant policy as they are considered Personal Property and are not typical of automobile equipment. If your vehicle suffered any loss or damage from the attempt, a claim would be submitted on your Auto Insurance policy, if Physical Damage coverage is in place.



Home Plus, Tenant Plus & Condo Plus policies offer a limit of $15,000 for golf carts, subject to your Personal Property deductible. You may schedule the cart onto your policy on a Personal Articles Floater to its replacement value if this limit is not sufficient.

If you own a golf cart and use it strictly on your property or on a golf course, you are covered for claims arising out of your use, ownership or operation. For example, your Personal Liability coverage would respond if you crashed into a valuable sign – you would probably be on the hook to replace the sign (property damage).

If you own a golf cart and use it elsewhere (in a trailer park, for example), you would need to inform your insurance company of your intended use of the cart. This type of usage is not covered on a typical homeowners, tenants or condo policy, unless your insurance company is specifically aware.

Generally, the full details of your golf cart are required, including: the year, make, model & serial number of the golf cart and the address of its normal storage location.


*Disclaimer:  The coverages mentioned above are specific to Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. Each person’s requirements surrounding coverage for their golf equipment and golf carts should be discussed with a Licensed Insurance Agent or Broker, in order to obtain a full understanding of the product(s) coverage being provided along with possible limitations or exclusions of that coverage. Contact your agent or broker today


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